Polytrauma Research: Outcomes and Quality

The Polytrauma Research: Outcomes and Quality (PROQ) conducts research to improve the health, psychosocial status, and quality of care for active duty service members, veterans, and their families. Current research focuses on military and veteran populations, providing information on the epidemiology of long-term health outcomes associated with military service and combat deployments. Research examining military exposures, subsequent treatment in military and VA settings, and associated outcomes provides information to patients, clinicians, and policy makers on the benefits, risks, and results of military exposures and healthcare interventions. We utilize administrative, survey, and interview data to best understand military and family exposures, health care provided, and outcomes. We collaborate with a multi-disciplinary group of University, VA, and Department of Defense (DOD) investigators to ensure our research findings are placed within a culturally and policy relevant context.


Content Expertise

  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Epilepsy
  • Polytrauma
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Complex Comorbidity
  • Aging
  • Pain Treatment and Outcomes
  • Implementation Science

Observational Research Design and Analysis

  • Use of secondary data sources including national VA, DoD, insurance plans
  • Survey development and administration
  • Qualitative research methods including patients, family members and clinicians/ healthcare team
  • Assessment of outcomes from changes in healthcare system organization
  • Use of advanced statistical techniques for analysis of non-randomized samples
  • Geospatial regression analysis

Clinical Research

  • Recruitment of participants for clinical intervention trials
  • Recruitment of participants for longitudinal observational studies

Quality of Care

  • Quality measure development
  • Quality of Care research

Contact Information

Dr. Mary Jo Pugh, Associate Professor
Phone: (210) 842-3807
Dr. Pugh is a health services researcher with a special interest in polytrauma/chronic disease epidemiology, outcomes, and quality of care. Her research evaluates patterns in comorbidity in VA and military populations, how Department of Defense and VA treatments affect patient long-term outcomes, quality of care, and how organization and delivery of healthcare affect long-term outcomes. She has expertise in the use of large administrative databases and surveys to conduct epidemiological, outcomes, and healthcare system research. Her research interests include: quantitative and mixed methods research, complex comorbidity and outcomes among military and Veteran populations, quality of care for patients with epilepsy, long-term outcomes in traumatic brain injury, and complementary and alternative approaches to pain, TBI and mental health conditions.

Dr. Mary Bollinger, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (210) 617-5300, x14266
Dr. Bollinger is an applied demographer with a special interest in health services and epidemiological research using geographic and spatial models. She has expertise in data security and developing spatial databases to address issues of access to healthcare, disparities in healthcare and patterns of disease/treatment patterns.

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