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The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB) Informatics Division provides state-of-the-art computer resources and data management support for population-based, clinical, and translational research. This facility provides a flexible computing environment with the infrastructure required to meet a broad spectrum of research needs.

The phone number for our Admin Office is (210) 567-0836.


The Informatics Data Exchange and Acquisition System (IDEAS) system encompasses a collection of software, hardware, policies, and procedures that drive DEB informatics. Under multiple layers of physical and logical security, IDEAS functions as an information broker facilitating data collection, analysis, and reporting. It integrates disparate data from multiple and geographically separate collection and treatment facilities to provide researchers with a coherent information palette.

Current IDEAS modules support research, data safety and monitoring, clinical operations, specimen management, pathology systems, students, personnel, and project tracking applications. In addition to data collection and analysis, IDEAS facilitates performance monitoring and the enforcement of all human subject requirements (local as well as federal). IDEAS supports hundreds of users (local, national, and international), maintains thousands of data elements, and comprises nearly four million lines of custom written software.

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